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These are meant to be curated in the style of traditional mail art calls, but instead of paper mail, i'm asking for just digital submissions, either purely digital works or photos of your real-world pieces.---------
Assignment (Nov. 6-12)
Email your work to moanlisa@moanlisa.com along with your artist name and title of the work.
"Culture Jamming” (November 6 – November 12)
For this assignment, pick a corporate advertisement and try to subvert it in a way that makes a reverse advertising statement about the company.
from Wikipedia:
“Culture jamming is a form of disruption that plays on the emotions of viewers and bystanders. Jammers want to disrupt the unconscious thought process that takes place when most consumers view a popular advertising and bring about a détournement. Activists that utilize this tactic are counting on their meme to pull on the emotional strings of people and evoke some type of reaction. The reactions that most cultural jammers are hoping to evoke are behavioral change and political action. There are four emotions that activists often want viewers to feel. These emotions – shock, shame, fear, and anger, are believed to be the catalysts for social change.”
By submitting work you agree to have it published under Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 License
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