terça-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2012


Merry Christmas and very Happy New  Year

Three wishes
When it is  time for thoughts
When the  thoughts start to swirl
When the time comes  to think about wishes
Then it cannot be long until  Christmas.
But the presents should remind us of the  birth
And let us contemplate  what will come in the next year
For many, Christmas is the celebration of the  birth of God's son
For all, it is the time in which a new  year is born.
May the New Year
Bring  love every day
Give a  smile in every moment and
Keep you healthy every  second.

Marek  Wysoczynski
www.promocjakultury.pl (http://www.promocjakultury.pl)
Please support our project for children hospitals.Maybe we got  already your handmade smile with autograph, if so maybe you can another one, if  not please send us handmade drawing of a smile for our World Smile Archive

Obrigada, Marek, pela linda mensagem e por tudo que ela encerra...

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