terça-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2013


Tim Gaze

mail art project: "signs & symbols"

 Please send compositions of symbols on paper or cardboard for this project. You can draw them or paint them by hand, or include computer-generated symbols or other techniques. Size: preferably ordinary writing paper (A4 or letter) or postcard. But can be larger or smaller, if you like.

 Some possible influences: prehistoric rock paintings, Lettriste hypergraphies, asemic writing, Egyptian & Mayan hieroglyphs, alien glyphs, Chinese seal script, wingdings fonts, visual poetry.

You might find free fonts from places such as Omniglot.com useful.

All entries which contain signs & symbols will be exhibited at the General Store Community Arts Centre, in the Adelaide Hills of South

Australia: https://www.facebook.com/GeneralStoreCommunityArtGroupInc for the month of October 2013.

PDF documentation will be sent to all participants who provide an email address. We can't afford to return your artwork.

closing date: 1st September 2013

address: signs & symbols project

P O Box 1011

Kent Town

SA 5071


thank you!

Tim Gaze & Marisa Ala Dea, organisers

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