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Š particular attention should be drawn to the aesthetical properties of gold and silver, which make them the naturally-grown material of splendour, adornment, glamour, dominical needs, in brief the positive form of abundance and wealth. In a sense they appear in a dignified light, unearthed from the underworld, the silver reflecting all the rays of light in their original composition, the gold only reflecting the highest potency of colour, THE RED. However, colour sense is the most popular form of aesthetic sense in general Š

GALERIE LISI HÄMMERLE, Anton-Schneiderstr. 4a, A 6900 BregenzOPENING: 01.03.2014, 7 P.M.
DURATION: 02.03. - 29.03.2014

It was neither obvious nor identifiable that the text picking out the colour RED as the central theme was taken from the work "Critique of Political Economy" by Karl Marx.
Some of the participating artists might know that this text fragment comes from a description of society dedicated to the materialistic representation and encompassing criticism of a system, which is still heading for a climax only interrupted by periodical disastrous, crisis-laden eruptions and which makes itself felt not only economically but also ecologically (thus threatening to destroy even human physique!). However, they might know less that we are roaming this system and acting as agents of production and circulation within it - also with our art activities.

The way in which the participating artists have reacted to the theme in their individual works can be seen in this exhibition.
Among them are sound and video objects as well as ONLY-objects, postcards and envelopes in drawn, collaged as well as painted forms, concept works and paintings.

theRED has been shown first as a space comprehensive installation in the project room MAG3 in Vienna in April 2013.

Yours sincerely
Gue Schmidt
c/o MAG3

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